Welcome to OLA Kai Hawai’i
Now let’s get familiar with a few words, concepts and expressions of the Hawaiian language and culture.

OLA = Life and health, Kai = ocean

Aloha = mutual regard and affection, extending warmth and caring with no obligation in return.
The word is said to originate from greeting in respect or acknowledging the divine light (alo) within each other with the exchange of breath of life (Ha).
In short you could say that Aloha means unconditional love! (taught by our close friend and Kupuna, the late Raylene Ha’alalea Kawaiaea https://youtu.be/BKjOYGZUj9M.)

In Hawaiian tradition, it is a greeting of respect to people, done in the form of an exchange of sacred chants of Aloha. A sample of this can be seen in this clip as our close friend and Kumu came to our door step. She blessed us at OLA Kai with her presence innumerable times https://youtu.be/U2Od3YpltAs.

Mahalo is used for thank you but originally is an invocation of a divine blessing.
[Ma = In] + [hâ = breath] + [alo = presence, front, face]
“(May you be) in (Divine) Breath.”

E Komo Mai
Welcome or Come in …

In Hawaiian tradition, this is a greeting of respect to people done in the form of an exchange of sacred chants. A sample of this you can see in this clip as our close friend and Kumu. She always blessed us with her presence at OLA Kai Hawaii https://youtu.be/U2Od3YpltAs.

A Hui Ho
Until we meet again … used in the same way as “See you again.”

Hula is the sacred expression of Hawai’i’s stories, mostly about love, family, monarchy, mythological figures, nature and events. https://youtu.be/Ab_zbbp_YMM

Pele is the name of the fire goddess, the main mythological figure of Hawaiian story. She is the symbol of our universal inner power and the power of the fire that dwells in the volcano of Kilauea. Pele is said to have her main abode in Kilauea on the Big Island, which is one of the reasons this island is very special to us.