The owners, Brian and Kazemaru Yukawa Bacon have lovingly prepared OLA Kai with an eye for style, comfort and convenience using designer furnishings and state of the art appliances and equipment. On request, Kazemaru can provide several health and re-vitalisation holiday options based on her many years of experience in the wellness industry in Japan and Europe.

Manager Maiko Townsend welcomes guests with typical Japanese hospitality and dedication to serve guest needs and ensure complete satisfaction from start to finish. We love to serve.

Kazemaru Bacon

“Aloha and welcome to our home in Hawai’i. Relax, refresh and revitalize yourself from the inside out, on the friendliest island on earth.”



Yuri DeForest

“Irashaimase! I am help with management of bookings and want to make sure your stay and experience with us is memorable.”



Colin Hart

I’m the OLA Kai cacao farmer, caretaker and chocolate producer. You can come and see me when you stay with us. I’ll show you how chocolate grows.