Hope your Christmas celebrations was joyful, if you celebrate Christmas that is. Otherwise I hope you had a good time anyway. We had our OLA Kai team over to the main residence for our annual Christmas dinner and celebration. This year we were 20 happy team members and their spouses, all involved in one way or another to make our properties up to standard or to make our guests stay at OLA Kai unique, unforgettably relaxing and comfortable.

One of the features of the properties is that they all have hot tubs. When you visit our King’s suite you have the luxury of soaking in a hot tub right outside your door. During the ‘winter seasons’ on the Big Island, which is around December to January we actually have snow on the island. Yes, it snows up on Mauna Kea which is located way behind where we are located but still. SNOW in HAWAII!? Even though it is far from here…it does get chilly in the evenings and mornings. I even have to put on socks once in a while. That is a sure sign of snow.

The good thing when it is cool out here is that we have the excuse to soak in the hot tub. For the Views or Cottage you will find it a few steps down by the recreational studio and games room. Up at the King’s suite, you just step out the door to the deck, lower yourself down and aaaahhhh! Delicious!

Hope you can come and try for yourself one day. I promise you will leave more relaxed and refreshed than you have in a very long time. We look forward to share more news about our beautiful island with you. Wherever you may be we aim to cheer you up with some heartwarming news or pictures to keep you dreaming.

Mahalo for reading and Aloha